[align=center]Cyberlink Power2Go v4.20.1719 Retail[/align]

برنامج نسخ ممتاز مع امكانية سحب وتحرير ملفات الصوت و الصورة

مميزات البرنامج
Rip - Burn - Author - Erase - Copy - Archive
CyberLink Power2Go does it all. With a unique Express mode allowing drag-and-drop burning, Power2Go represents the most user-friendly disc recording software on the market. Meanwhile advanced mode lets you take full control of the disc production process with multiple options and configurable settings. What's more, broad format support ensures disc compatibility with all disc players. Power2Go, is the answer to easy CD and DVD creation.

Express mode
Power2Go Express allows simple drag-and-drop burning of Data, Music, and Movies, as well as an easy double-click activation of Copy Disc. Each of these four functions is represented by a cube. These cubes sit on the desktop and can be moved independently to anywhere on the screen. The cubes are magnetized for easy grouping.

Power2Go advanced mode
In addition to Express mode, Power2Go features an advanced mode of operation. This mode offers all the features available via the Express mode, plus the means to configure a range of functions for burning, and copying. Utilities for actions such as ripping files and erasing discs are also available. 

Broad disc format support
Power2Go supports the creation of files on a range of disc media, including, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW discs. 

Built-in disc authoring
Power2Go features powerful built-in authoring functions for creating professionally styled discs. Authoring functions are available via the built-in PowerProducer Express, which allows creation of video chapters, disc menus, and other disc authoring effects.

Authoring function upgrades
Power2Go's authoring features can be expanded to include capturing of analog video from VCRs and TVs as well as burning the widest range of disc formats currently on the market. This is achieved via Power2Go's support for CyberLink's PowerProducer 2 Gold software. Once installed, Power2Go recognizes the software instead of the built-in PowerProducer Express.






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