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الموضوع: Demo Builder v4.0 Retail

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    Demo Builder v4.0 Retail

    [align=center]×?°Demo Builder v4.0 Retail×?°[/align]

    تكوين استعراض برنامج مفيد جدا للمعلمين و الشركات المنتجة لاي برامج او عمل او دراسة، حيث بامكانك ان تسجل ما تريد ان تستعرضه بالفيديو و تسجل جميع ما تعمل به. ومفيد جدا لشرح برنامج و تسجل جميع لقطات الحركية بوضوح و الصوت ان اردت.

    وصف البرنامج
    EMO BUILDER is an authoring tool used to create audio-visual Flash movies that show how software and systems work. It offers the ability to capture all actions taken in a running application, which can then be edited to produce interactive demonstrations and simulations. This makes it ideal for creating application simulations, presentations and interactive demos and tutorials.

    Demo Builder works by taking a series of screenshots of a running application. It records the actions being taken in an application and is then able to demonstrate a simulation of these actions. Demo Builder can auto record the actions taken in the application or preferences can be set to manual recording, in which case you can manually take screenshots of the application.

    Each screenshot taken by Demo Builder constitutes a frame that can then be edited to suit your required demo/tutorial. After you have recorded your actions within the application you can elaborate the recording by adding objects and visual aids and manipulating the time sequencing for frames, objects and visual aids in the editing Window.

    When your movie is complete you can export files in three different formats: Flash Movie(.SWF), Stand-alone (Windows,Linux,Macintosh), Image Files. Files can be exported via EMail, FTP or to your hard drive or disk.


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