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من اسرع و اقوى برامج التحميل و التصعيد الملفات بانواعها حاليا في الاسواق ويشمل ايضا ملفات عن طريق البروتوكولات HTTP / HTTPS و FTP و غيرها.

وصف البرنامج
Net Transport is a faster, exciting and the most powerful downloading tool that you ever saw, now support the most prevalent Internet protocols, including:

* FTP / through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) / SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
* MMS (Microsoft Media Services)
* RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol)
* PNM (rename PNM to RTSP)

With independently developed Enhanced Multi-Threading (EMT) technology, Net Transport can make the most of the network bandwidth of various types of internet connection. As the fact is now quite apparent that more and more software sites are giving their support to resume and multi-threading downloads, you probably will find Net Transport is the right stuff you have long been seeking. If you had some experience of online downloading before, you will notice that the added support of MMS and RTSP streaming media data, powered by the EMT technology mentioned above, is almost enough to make Net Transport unique among its numerous counterparts. Besides, its built-in functionalities such as support for HTTPS streaming retrieval, powerful and flexible multi-proxy (including HTTP<Connect>, SOCKS4&5 proxies) settings and the most efficient file manager, are also the hotshots that have gained Net Transport the current reputation.

Main Features

1. Up to 10 (128 for advanced users, see "Net Transport Help" for related registry modification) simultaneous threads for every downloading job, with the average bandwidth upper limit of every single thread above 1M Bytes per second (by default). And up to 10 (32 for advanced users, registry modification also needed) downloading jobs could be running concurrently.
2. Simple but powerful File Manager functionality. It enables Net Transport users to categorize and manage downloaded files more efficiently. With synchronization of directories created by File Manager and the genuine directories on local drives, any changes made to one side will be automatically updated to the other.
3. Flexible multi-user management functionality. Database of downloaded files is logged-on username sensitive, different logged-on users have their respective databases.
4. A built-in Site Explorer can list the server directory structure for users to perform batch downloading, functionally the same as some specialized FTP client tools.
5. Easy and safe re-downloading and update checking for downloaded files. Unlike some other downloading tools, Net Transport will keep the previously downloaded files in integrity if the update and/or re-downloading experience a failed connection to server (no successful connection before the failed one though).
6. Intelligent proxy support. The Multiple Proxies mode allows users to assign to every working thread a different proxy to circumvent certain site restrictions, such as allowing one download per IP address only, etc.
7. Proxies with NTLM authentication can be created to penetrate local firewall, like Microsoft ISA 2000.
8. Speed limit functionality. Users can adjust the limit rules to their own needs to restrict the bandwidth usage of Net Transport, ensuring there is a decent amount of bandwidth necessary for web browsing at the same time.
9. Browser click monitor (Microsoft Internet Explorer only) allows users to add links through right-clicking Internet Explorer extended context menu and dragging links to the drop zone window, etc.
10. Net Transport can be set to automatically shutdown the computer or hang up the modem connection once all downloads are complete.
11. Downloading jobs in the list can be moved up and/or down to adjust their downloading priorities.
12. Customizable toolbar buttons, downloading information display and the user interface (including log window colors).
13. Multilingual support for the user interface. Simply download the language pack of your native language from our website, or alternatively refer to the Net Transport Help to know how to make a language pack for yourself.
14. Downloads from Helix Server 9.0 are fully supported, which was not available in StreamBox VCR.
15. NTLM authentication is supported for MMS and RTSP downloads. In addition, RN5 authentication works for RTSP downloads.
16. Unprecedented multi-threading support for both MMS and RTSP downloads significantly reduces the time of downloads.
17. Stream script such as .asx, .smi, etc. can be automatically parsed to acquire real URLs.
18. Support for HTTPS protocol. HTTPS streaming can be downloaded via HTTP<Connect>, SOCKS4&5. Presently Net Transport is the only one that deals with HTTPS streaming, especially via SOCKS5.
19. FTP supports SSL encryption of connection data, and also supports one-time password to protect your authentication information, because generally a password is in the form of clear text, which is easy to be stolen with IP packet monitoring tools.
20. Perfect FTP reuse mechanism allows users to use one connection to download different files from the same site.
21. Powerful and flexible schedule manager.
22. FTP supports SSH protocol, more stronger encryption capability.
Supported OS: Win95 / Win98 / Win98SE / WinME / WinNT4 / Win2000 / WinXP / Win2003

Recommend strongly install Internet Explorer 5.01 and above for Windows 95/98/NT.

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