[align=center]PCmover نقل برامجك و ملفاتك من الكومبيوتر القديم الى الجديد بكل سهولة[/align]


عندما تشتري جهاز كومبيوتر جديد وفيها برامج جديدة. لكن هناك برامجك و ملفاتك في كومبيوتر القديم و انت استعملته و تحتاج نقلها الى كومبيوترك الجديد. هذا البرنامج يفتش الجهازين و ينقل جميع البرامج والملفات الضرورية الاخرى الى الكومبيوتر الجديد عبر توصيل الجهازين معا باحد الطرق المعروفة (يو اس بي، الشبكة، الكابل المتوازي و غيرها). انظر الى الاسفل ترى طريقة التوصيل الجهازين و في 3 خطوات يتم العمل.


وصف البرنامج
Simply install PCmover on both computers and go! PCmover will determine what files and settings need to be moved. You don’t even have to tell PCmover which applications to move or know the location of your programs or files.

With the PCmover Wizard, your transfer is accomplished with just a few clicks. When the transfer is complete, you are ready to use your new computer with all of its pre-installed software as well as your familiar applications, data files, and settings.

PCmover does not overwrite the new system like a cloning or imaging utility does and it does not change the old PC in any way. PCmover only transfers and merges entries from the old PC into the new PC.

PCmover is not designed to move data from newer operating systems to older operating systems. For example, we do not recommend attempting to transfer programs and data from a PC running Windows XP to a PC running Windows 98 and doing so may render your system unbootable.

Key Features

* Move your programs, file and settings over a network connection, Laplink parallel cable, Laplink USB 1.1 cable or using removable media such as a CD-R or DVD-R
* Easy to use wizard interface
* Create custom rules with the PCmover Control Center
* Undo any transfer
* Transfer from your old operating system to a newer one