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برنامج سريع لرسم المنحنيات لمجموعة من المعلومات او توابع دون الرجوع الى الطرق الرياضية لرسمها. يفيد المهندسين و التجار و الطلاب .

وصف البرنامج
Are you an engineer, scientist or graduate student looking for a graphing tool that will allow you to quickly analyze graphed data without having to immerse yourself into calculus and statistics books? You've just found the perfect solution. FindGraph is a comprehensive, feature-rich graphing, digitizing and curve fitting software specially created for these purposes. Take any graph or data from any source (Web or PDF document, for example) add your comments and perform any manipulations, like building approximation lines. Then print your results or export them to Excel or other database. The program comes with a straightforward interface, 200 built-in common graphing functions (like Cardioid, Devil's Curve, or Double Folium), support for Polar, Cartesian, and Parametric equations, various data input/export features and printing options.One of the major features FindGraph provides is an easy way to do curve fitting. The program offers 10 generic fits, including Linear Regression, Logistic Functions, Fourier approximation, Neural Networks plus a library of over 120 industry-specific formulas. Built-in Wizard of Approximation helps applying different curve fits to discover the model that describes data the best. The software also enables users to smooth, subtract, differentiate, integrate, and transform data and curves.Most importantly, FindGraph provides an easy way to copy and paste (embed) graphs to other software applications, like word processors, MS Excel or image editors. Moreover, the program supports LE automation and can be built-in to other software applications.Here are some key features of "FindGraph":· Intuitive graphical interface and context sensitive help enable you to create and edit plots fast and easily. · Straightforward data entry. Data can be entered: By importing it from ASCII files created by other applications using an Excel-like data import feature; By cutting and pasting it from other Windows based applications (Excel spreadsheets); By digitizing screen charts; By typing it into a standard spreadsheet interface. With graphical editor you can easily: · Add, move, copy and delete points; · Remove and duplicate graphs or pproximation lines; · Add, position and rotate text easily. · Draw text commentary along any curve. · Multiple Undo/Redo. · You can specify the nlimited number of points and lines. Their graphs will be plotted in one coordinate system, allowing comparison of empirical and analytical data. Lots of graph and coordinate plane parameters.
· Supported graph types are:
· Scatter diagrams and line graphs;
· Points density distributions;
· Points groups diagrams.
· Zoom is possible.
· The graphs allow total freedom in setting up scales and grids. Log scales for each axis are available. · It is possible to create derived datasets by equations, interpolation, curve fitting, and numerical integration and differentiation.
· FindGraph allows you to export information to the other programs and files. Points can be saved to ASCII tables. Regressiion lines, curves, points and commentaries can be saved to XML file.
· FindGraph is COM server. This means, that plot can be copied and pasted (embedded) directly into word processors, Excel or drawing programs.
· High-quality graphs are optimized for printing. The program has preview capabilities. The result on the screen is the same as on the report printout (what you see is what you get).
· The program supports OLE automation and can be built-in to user software. Examples (MS VB, MS VC++) are included. Methods and properties are documented.