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    تاريخ التسجيل : 06 2005

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    Smile Macromedia Contribute 3.11 Full مشاركة ماكروميديا للمواقع

    [align=center]Macromedia Contribute 3.11 Full
    مشاركة ماكروميديا للمواقع - النسخة الكاملة

    برنامج سهل الاستعمال وبامكان اي عضو مسجل في المنظمة او الادارة او الشركة ان يشارك و ينشر مايريد في الموقع. هذه مفيدة للمواقع و التجارة و غيرها. طبعا هناك حدود للنشر في الموقع و هو الساحة العامة. لذا تجد هناك الصفحة الامامية وهي مواضيع منتخبة من قبل المسؤلين النشر و ليس اي فرد اخر. لذا تجد نشر عام و نشر خاص للموقع.
    على اية حال انها برنامج مفيد جدا للمشاركات في المواقع وتجدها في اكثرية المواقع العامة .

    وصف البرنامج
    Macromedia® Contribute 3 redefines web publishing, making it an activity open to everybody, everyday, requiring no technical expertise. Contribute 3 lets everyone in an organization publish to websites, bringing them alive with up-to-date content and effective communication. Meets needs of business professionals, web professionals, and IT decision makers alike. Contribute 3 balances the need to empower users with web developers' requirements for administrative controls and support for standards.
    Anyone with permission can create and publish new web content, without requiring any resource from the IT department.;
    - Total control - Whoever controls your site, still controls your site. They just get to delegate the day-to-day content management. The assets, functionality, branding and consistency of the site are totally protected.;
    - Workload management - The Draft Console shows each author what is in their pipe-line for work, approval or review, so that they can keep on top of their content management workload.
    - Web Professionals - Contribute 3 is built on Dreamweaver. Free up your valuable time by delegating content updates. Control tools ensure that design standards are followed, functionality is maintained, and code is protected.
    - IT Administrators - You can maintain total control using publishing roles for named users and groups. MSI installer technology allows direct deployment to desktops throughout the entire organisation. Contribute 3 provides robust client-side and server-side extensibility.
    - Content Contributors - WYSIWYG user interface, familiar to Microsoft Office users, means no training is required. Content contributors no longer have to wait for technical staff to make web updates.
    - Small Businesses - Small business owners can grow their web-based business using Contribute's professionally designed Starter Pages and the PayPal Merchant Tools.

    - Empower business users to make content updates easily and safely themselves
    - Exercise extensive administrative controls
    - Protect design standards, functionality, and code
    - Learn it today: It’s easy to use — no technical knowledge required

    - Easy Setup & Intuitive Interface
    - Starter Pages
    - Simple Three-Step Workflow
    - Editing and UpdatingCheck-in/Check-out
    - Integrated Image Editing
    - Drag-and-Drop Linking
    - Rollbacks
    - Improved CSS Rendering Collaboration
    - Draft Reviews & Approvals
    - Users and Roles

    What’s New in this Version:
    - Streamlined File Publishing
    - Insert Breeze Link
    - Nested Connections
    - Simple File Deployment
    - RSS Activity Feed

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